Innovators in all sectors of the body shop, we face progress by focusing on a professional growth that see us as equipment manufacturers, distributors, consultants and trainers of body shop mechanic, pioneers of strategies that help to catch the new challenges and opportunities that the market imposes.

To offer a winning momentum to customers are necessary concrete and accurate answers.

This is the philosophy that guides our work, with the knowledge and experience in all body compartments; it has developed an integrated manufacturing system capable of enhancing productivity and performance of our customers, regaining the loss of competitiveness caused by the difficulties of the market.

Innovators of repair!

When asked about the current demands from the body shops, Bellini Systems he ansered with a reconditioning method for a special target, BRS – Bellini’s Reconditioning System: a process that, using strictly organic products, refurbishes used vehicles. Our project provides a maintenance work on both external and internal parts of the car, including the engine compartment and luggage compartment.

The intent is to broaden the professional perspectives in the car repairs sector, creating a new figure specialized in the aesthetic treatment of cars. BRS fact provides ad hoc training that care both technically and organization of the entire system, from equipment to service profitability. Brs provides in fact an ad hoc training that takes care of both aspects technical and organizational of the entire system, from equipment to the profitability of the service.


New technologies that allow to reduce fuel consumption, processing times and a newfound organizational efficiency as well as a strong focus on environmental compatibility of the products.

These are the keys to success that we want to offer our customers to achieve significant growth opportunities for their business.