The most suitable for repair of today’s automobiles

The Globaljig System mobile bench has long bench considered a pioneer in its category. it is the equipment that has changed preconceptions about mobile benches. Equipped with the Globaljig universal jig system, it can be used with two post or central piston lifts. it is considered the fastest among all system with universal jigs from above with a two post lift, without the need for ramps and side runners or winches for loading the automobile onto the bench.

GLOBALJIG TROLLEY The easy movement and practicality of the wheeled trolley for components of the Globaljig universal system are greatly appreciated by the body repairer. The jigs, bushes, spacers as well as the other accessories are always easily recognizable and easy to find, thus decreasing work time.

VECTOR PULLING TOWER  The Vector pulling tower, when mounted on the front or rear of the bench and rotating on its support, can cover a work area of 220° for pulling or pushing. It can be mounted in the center of the bench, and with the standard pull-down pulley, can carry out any type of pull.

THE MONOCUBE  The jigs, made of microfusion steel with the exclusive worldwide patent for the crosshead blocking mechanism and one bolt fixing, are used both as mounting attachments and at the same time as control points. This innovative system saves 75% of jig mounting time.


TRAXO is an automated “robotic” pulling tower, easy to use, which permits multidirectional pulling in one smooth operation. Traxo eliminates the use of traditional clamps and chains, and is able to push and pull in all directions with 10 ton capacity in conditions of absolute safety. Push-button commands allow movement from the hand held control panel, permitting the operator to move freely while closely controlling the pulling and straightening process, constantly verifying the direction for a precise repair to the millimetre.

SIDE PULL, practical and easy to use, is a pulling accessory to be applied laterally on the bench. It allows to make up to three pulls in different directions. Indispensable for repair of vehicles with side “banana” damage. Pratical and easy to use.


LENGHT     4 e 5 mt
WIDTH      600 mm