SUPER ROTAX – Number One in its category

The Globaljig universal jig has a diagnostic data sheet to control the vehicle mechanical parts in place. There is no oscillation while the bench is being raised and lowered. A special guide inside each base block guarantees that all columns are squared to the bench. All flanges contain two spring rollers that prevent any lateral movement of the crossbeams. This ensures that the bench is always maintained. The sliding cube makes it possible to anchor two points a single column. One pulling tower fit with accessories is standard equipment. Special springs allow the base blocks to slide easily on the crossbeams, even with the weight of the vehicle on the jig. This greatly facilitates centering.

MONOCUBE A Globaljig exclusive that lets you save 75% of the time required to install the jigs. All jigs produced by Globaljig have a lifetime guarantee. They are made of cast nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel, an exceptional material, able to resist forces of up to 100 kg/mm2. The new monolithic columns have two side gauges (external and internal) that make it easier to read the measurements.

EZ CROSSBEAM This unique Globaljig solution lets you move any vehicle already on the jig with a simple wrench. The EZ CROSSBEAM can be used on all crossbeams.

REMOVABLE FLANGE These flanges make it possible to remove any crossbeam re-position during the course of repairs.

PULLING TOWER MOUNTING MECHANISM The mounting mechanism on the pulling tower has been patented because it ensures easy sliding, not only along the sides but, above all, around curves where it is  always perpendicular to the bench.

“VECTOR” PULLING TOWER The advance technology used to build the pulling towers ensures perfect sliding, even after years of work. The pulling towers do not ever have to be removed o dismounted. They slide freely all around the bench and can be blocked at 60 mm intervals. The pulling power remains constant at all height, the chain always working in a horizontal position.

MECHANICAL LOCKING Thanks to the freedom of movement provided by the counter racks, the crossbeams lock in place instantly, precise to the millimetre.

MECHANICAL LOCKING Thanks to the freedom of movement provided by the counter racks, the crossbeams lock in place instantly, precise to the millimetre.

SHOCK ABSORBER CONTROL McPherson strut bridge is made entirely of steel because this is the only material able to guarantee precise measurement of the shock absorbers. It is easily mounted on the crossbeam and , naturally, all dimensions  are indicated on the data sheet. Moreover, it is possible to control the external panels and hinges. Thanks to the yellow support hooks, one person is all it takes to install the bridge.

ARTICULATED PULLING TOWER The articulated pulling tower (optional), paired with the fixed tower, is useful when you need to perform two simultaneous pulls close together. The internal tower mechanism is made up of seven bearings to ensure perfect sliding.

THRUST AND CHECKING Besides pulling the “Vector” towers can also be used to push or to check an opposing pull.

HYDRAULIC PISTON The hydraulic piston makes it even easier to tilt the bench before the vehicle goes on.


Globalscan provides a graphic display of each vehicle, allowing the operator to compare the actual measurements with the precise vehicle specifications. Moreover, measuring  several points in real time, it provides continuous updates during the course of the  entire repair process.


Traxo is an automated “robotic” pulling tower, easy to use, which permits multidirectional pulling in one smooth operation. Traxo eliminates the use of traditional clamps and chains, and is able to push and pull in all directions with 10 ton capacity in conditions of absolute safety.

Push-button  commands allow movement from the hand held control panel, permitting the operator to move freely while closely controlling the pulling and straightening process, constantly verifying the direction for a millimetrically  precise repair.


VOLTAGE 200:415 V
POWER 2.2 kw
CAPACITY 5000 kg
MAX HEIGHT 1750 mm