SPEED for Fast Service Unit

IR-EVO SPEED is a semi-automatic system that is extremely flexible and easy to use

It only requires the operator to manually place IR-EVO SPEED at the beginning of the detached parts.
Thanks to it’s the fast positioning, IR-EVO SPEED is especially suited for body shops that perform large volumes of small repairs on 4 panels for less.

IR-EVO SPEED uses Short Wave technology, that ensures the best heat transfer possible on rapid curing systems.

Short wave infrared is the only technology that can travel through applied product layers, in order to cure them from inside out, so that solvents and humidity do not remain trapped in the product itself, thus not affecting final results.

This is possible due to the high penetration power of short wave IR, which impacts and heats the substrate (steel, aluminium, plastic…) without heating air, consequently avoiding any thermal dispersion.

The transporting rails are manufactured in aluminium with internal power transmission, and the touch screen control panel is installed on the unit itself, which is used to transfer operating information to the half arch.

IR-EVO SPEED is delivered with a remote trouble shooting system, that allows to prevent and fix issues, and reprogram settings of the unit if the need arises.

The unit can be used both in automatic or manual mode