Performances and efficency

IR-EVO HD booth guarantees high performance thanks to maximum efficency and energy costs saving, with integrated IR emitters within the side panels and plenum, protected with a 4mm tempered glass mobile screen. The 15 inches touch screen control panel is run by an easy and intuitive software that controls all the working phases, with maximum attention to operators safety.


  • Technological innovation applied to a combined paint / drying booth
  • High speed and excellent performance combine to save money
  • Minimized drying time
  • Performance and actual consumption detected in real time
  • Automatic power management phase by phase
  • Optimized energy consumptions
  • Airflow of 40,000 m3/h



  • IR Infrared curing system
  • TOUCH SCREEN control panel
  • Detection of energy consumption
  • Cross-flow heat exchanger
  • Double efficiency depurator prepared for activated carbons
  • Runs with electric power bank, hot water heater, or gas burner

Standard front with three doors, with large mirror windows

Painting phase

LED lighting at the top corner and on the bottom wall

IR ceiling protection through reflective tempered glass

Drying phase

Automatic opening of the thermal protection glasses

15 inches touch screen

control panel

Single integrated amu for ventilation and exhaust:

  • Airflow 40.000 m3/h
  • High efficiency Turbo fans
  • The backward inclined blade fans motor with direct drive allows for high air volume and homogeneous flow in the spraybooth
  • Filtering system with double filters and or active carbons
  • Airflow sensor
  • Internal and external temperature sensor
  • Inverter system controlled motors
  • Can work with electrical heated coil, water heated coil or regular gas burners