Significantly reduce curing times of filler, primer, base coat and clearcoat.
The new IR-EVO 121 represents an innovative solution, quick and easy to use, for small repairs on every substrate in steel, plastic, aluminium, carbon fiber, smc, fiberglass.

The IR-EVO 121 is supplied in two different versions:

  • Without Stand with MANUAL processing control.
  • With stand and PROGRAM control of temperature and time, settable by the operator.

Technical data

220 V

50/60 Hz

Nominal power
2 kW


The pyrometer sensor allows the measurement and control of the temperature during curing.

The new Control Panel with 1 ‘’ Display allows you to set the desired Target Temperature and Time * in an easy and intuitive way.

* only with model Stand supplied.

Fixing or removing the new IR-EVO 121 to its Stand is an easy and very fast operation.

The IR-EVO 121 fixed to its Stand is able to reach a minimum height from the ground which allows curing of low areas very easily.