Multipoint electronic Control system behind the times of modern bodyshops
Precision, speed, simplicity and professionality

Globalscanenables to graphically display each car, comparing the current measurement with the exact features of the vehicle and, bymeasuring several points in real time, provides a continue upgrade of all the points of the car during the repair.

What canGlobalScan do?

  • Measurement of all the frame points,including the shocks absorbers;
  • Storageof the all the data related to the Customers, Cars and measurement;
  • All the information can be printed every time is needed;
  • It carries the preliminary diagnosis out to determine if it’s needed to use the straightening bench;
  • Correct estimation of the repair in order to make a correct quotation;
  • Check at the end of the job and certification of the results;
  • Discovering of the hidden damages, often invisible;

It is possible to be used withevery kind of bench or pulling system available on the market.

It can be used with four clamps or simultaneously with the bench and the jigs possessed.

It can be also used without the bench or with a lift only tocarry out the check and the diagnosis the car.

It is possible to certify the damage and after the repair it is possible to give to both the customer and the insurance company the certification with real specifications.

It is possible to ask for the refund, like for the universal jigs, so absorbing the investment for this important tool.