The universal lift for body repair shops and workshops.
Technology and power at the service of the modern body repairer.

Maximum comfort for all sanding, preparation, assembly and disassembly operations, with a maximum height of 1300mm from the pavement.

Dakota is a new in ground lift researched and designed for preparation zones and in all those areas where there is need to raise a vehicle. The opening and closing of the arms is completely automatic, using a pushbutton remote which is connected to the command unit. As it lifts, a special mechanism blocks the unit at the height of 6cm, allowing the opening of the arms. After positioning the arms and rubber pads at the correct points of the vehicle, the lift can be raised, choosing to stop it at the most suitable height for the job that needs to be done. Before completely closing, the lift blocks itself again at the initial height, permitting the automatic closing of the arms, and does not descend until the four arms are perfectly closed, thus avoiding crushing or damage of the grated floors. The mounting of the lift in the pit is easy and quick, thanks to the double effect piston that allows the lowering of the base on the bottom.

DESIGN The particular design and the dimensions of the lift render it very elegant and adaptable to any preparation area without need for modification. Its base is supplied with registers that permit the regulation in height for any recess.

ACCESSIBILITY The arms, which are housed even with the upper surface of the lift, are designed to remain only 60mm above the grated floor once the lift is raised. This makes the Dakota the most accessible lift in its category, even for very low-lying vehicles.

ADAPTABILITY The kit of rubber pads with lateral coupling can be superimposed and, according to how they are positioned on the lift arms, allow the lifting of vehicles with any width and length dimensions.

LIFT The scissor lift has been designed according to the norms in effect and has a lifting capacity of 3000 Kg. A specific hydraulic system with hydropiloted valve guarantees the safety of the unit in any work position and, even in case of accidental breakage or damage of the hydraulic circuit. All movements are guaranteed by connections with self-lubricating bushings and carburized pins which assure excellent long-term functioning.

The construction of the pit is easily carried out and all the measurements are supplied by the manufacturer with its own drawings, for a perfect housing of the unit.

No problem lifting the new generation of heavy commercial vehicles, such as SUV’s and small lorries.

RUBBER PADS: The combination of the arms with thin pads permit quick lifting of very low vehicles without the need for ramps or other means to raise the car.

OPTIONAL: The radio controlled command unit (R) to comfortably carry out all operations without wires, all the while and from any position checking the raising and lowering movements of the lift.